Elements of Modern Home Design

Upgrading a home involves many elements of change, ranging from modern furniture and artwork to room designs. A house can be transformed into a contemporary home with features and accents that have a touch and style of the 21st century. Modern home design elements can add a touch of style and design to any home. […]

Exploring Slow Home Design

What is a slow home design? Basically, it’s the principle of slowing down to design homes and spaces that are sustainable, practical and functional. The slow movement of housing began in 2006 when John Brown, Matthew North, and Carina van Olm wanted to create a “critical response to the poor design practices prevailing in the […]

What Is Involved In Getting Custom Home Design Plans?

Now there are some home design tasks to do even before buying a lot. You need to know what you want at home and what is the purpose of the footage to know what size the batch should be. This task is the first step in designing the house. No matter how talented the designer […]