3 Most Popular House Design Ideas in 2021

House Design Ideas in 2021What are the most popular house design ideas currently? Talking about home designs, it is never-ending for sure. There are so many designs and ideas whether they are classic or modern. Meanwhile, every region and culture must also have its own design. Of course, you can adapt to any of them as you want. Even combining some designs at once is just a great idea. On this page, you will learn more about some popular house designs in 2021. What are they and how to apply them? Here are the explanations.

A Modern and Minimalist Home Design Idea

This type of home is actually not as modern as it looks like. Even though it has been really popular since the ’80s. The architecture design has some characteristics. It uses concrete materials as the structure and decoration. The design tends to be plain without ornaments. That’s why it is so-called minimalist. There is at least a combination of 2 materials applied. Based on the theory, monochrome or neutral colors are more appropriate to apply. Those colors are including black, white, grey, and all the shades. However, there are now many modern and minimalist house design ideas with bright colors.A Modern and Minimalist Home Design Idea

A Classic Home Design Idea

The definition of a classic in home designs cannot be separated from the old European cultures. It mainly refers to the post-Renaissance era in which the architecture design tends to be full of details but looks lighter and warmer. Mostly, classic home designs adapt to old buildings of Greece and Romans. But of course, classic architectures can be broader by remembering there are many old cultures in the world. In Europe itself, we know the Gothic style that is signed by the dark and gloomy hues application. Sure, if you want, it is not bad to have this type of classic home design ideas at home.A Classic Home Design Idea

A Vintage Home Design Idea

What are the differences between the terms classic and vintage in the world of architecture? Slightly, both are the same as they refer to styles coming from the past. But compared to the classic design, the vintage tends to be simple and modest. It represents designs that are popular starting from the ’50s to the ’80s. Even now, you can classify the 90’s furniture and items as a part of vintage home design ideas. Besides, vintage tends to have fewer details and ornaments by remembering that it is such a transition from the classic to modern styles.A Vintage Home Design Idea